CLEAN TO Bring back the SHEEN!
Our team specializes in Soft Wash™ Systems for the exterior of your home, dirty Duradek vinyl, PVC & composite decking, and Aluminum glass railings.

We have industry leading equipment to safely take care of all your exterior household cleaning duties on a regular basis. Monthly glass cleaning available in Winnipeg and surrounding areas or cabin country.

We use specialized equipment and uniquely formulated cleaning solutions. Eco-friendly products have been developed to gently eliminate dirt, mildew, fungus, algae and all contaminates growing on the exterior of your home, deck, patios and driveways.

We provide onsite reverse osmosis filtered water for a mineral-free shine. Houses can be Soft Washed faster and more effectively without the damaging effects of pressure washing. The results are instant and dramatic.
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Vinyl Siding
Soft Wash™ systems will never damage even the most brittle vinyl sidings.
Stucco & Brick
Acrylic, stucco and brick vaneers, cultured stone and masonry building exteriors.
Driveway & Patio
Asphalt and concrete paving stone driveways and patios or pool areas.
Duradek Outdoor Vinyl
Bring back the show-room finish by removing dust, dirt, and mildew
WOLF PVC Deck Boards
Gently clean dust and dirt without damaging the finish or void the warranty.
S.T.A.R. Aluminum Glass Railing
Unsightly dirt and dust on glass can be Soft Washed too, We can clean railings, safely!
Office, Shops, Gas Stations, Parking Lots
Sport Services
Tennis courts, pool areas, and patios.
Play Structures
Equipment in public or private playgrounds
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friendly products
YES, we clean it!
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Trained Professionals
Our Soft Wash™ professionals are well trained and have the know-how and equipment for complete satisfaction.
Specialized Equipment
We also provide temperature controlled Soft Wash™ systems, and industry leading equipment.
Customized Services
We understand that every home is unique, so are our price quotes!
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Clean it right!
Deck and Glass Railing Cleaning
Our team is ready to rejuvenate and maintain your outdoor living space.
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PRE-PACKAGED pricing options

One-Time Service
Starting Price:
Duradek or WOLF PVC & composite decks, Glass Railing or exterior house or patio/driveway wash
1 Year Service
Starting Price:
Spring, and Fall cleanup Package. Decks, Patio, Driveways, Glass Railings, House Exteriors.
3 Year Service
Starting Price:
Spring, Fall cleanup packages for 3 years (25% discount). Enjoy peace of mind, while we clean it right!
(204) 615-9274 (WASH)

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